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Ginny/ Draco fanfiction

Everything buzzed for me there was no time to sit still and think. No one seemed to even know what had just happened the silver shimmering cat rippeled spreading silence in all directions. Most people had no idea what had just happened it was hard to comprehend. I jumped up at the sound of Kingsley’s voive knowing nothing he said would be good news, my wand in my hand, the silence was unnerving. Then someone screamed. All hell broke loose, everyone was there shoving each other out of the way as death eaters apperated unto the dance floor. I pushed my way through saying the say spell over and over again. Getting what action I could in while I had the chance. I turned to see Tonks and Lupin fighting off the death eaters just as I was. I turned again barely missing a jinx fired by Yaxly. Most of the guest had dissaperated by now and only the order Weaselys and Delacours remain. I watched as they disappeared off to do whatever it was they were doing. Soon they over powered us and we sat on our knees. Mum looked around for the trio. Secretly I think she knew she wouldn’t see them but she needed to look for them anyway.
            “Where is Harry Potter?” Jugson asked standing above us, our spirits were battered and I bet if the Delacours knew where he was they would have sold him out. Luckily the only people who knew where he was were long gone. Mr. Delacour looked ready to cry. They defiantly were a vulnerable people.
            “Ve do not know” Mrs. Delacour said weeping, Fleur looked about to cry. I wanted to go over there and comfort her but that was what Bill was for. I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help myself.
            “those of us who are loyal to him would never tell you!” I felt the swift kick of a large foot and did not see who had done it. It did not matter to me, I had said what needed to be said. The air was stiff for but a moment when all of my brothers stood up to defend me. One by one the death eaters fell against my brothers united power. Fred offered me his hand as Yoxly let us leave with a Warrning.
            “If we ever find out you are helping him in any way. You all will suffer a fate worse then death.” He apperated with his last words and not a moment too soon. Fred and George’s combined spell split the wall behind him wide open.
            I stood in the kitchen icing my face. Everyone was so shock up a little wound like mine went unnoticed, I didn’t mind. There was so much out there that needed to be done.  Dad and the boys stood in the living room above the couch where hagrid was sitting too drunk to really know what had happened. Mum was no where to be seen, I knew though with out really thinking where she was.
            I found her sitting in Ron’s room, the Ghoul coughing in his bed. She acted like he wasn’t there, she just sat in the middle of the room rocking unsteadily tears running down her face. I walked slowly over to her wrapping my arms around her. She jumped at the touch of my hand like she never expected anyone to find her. I rocked with her a moment looking at all of Ron’s stuff.
            “He’s gone Ginny, He’s really gone.” He voice raspy full of sadness I wasn’t sure what to say. None of my words could ever make this better. She might never see her youngest son again, she might never get to say I love you one more time. All my words just seemed insignificant.
            “I know Mum, I know.”

            I was sitting in the kitchen with Charlie when the daily prophet arrived. Mum was spending all her time in her room and dad was working harder then ever mostly because he needed to prove that he wasn’t a threat. If you knew dad you knew he could never be a threat. He was a smart man but just a bit dim sometimes and I loved him dearly.
            The giant picture of Harry is what stood out to me. I cried out in anger and Charlie ran over to me.
            I threw the paper across the room. Did they really think people would belive this crap? Harry was the epitone of goodness sure he had his bouts of evil but never would he kill someone. Then again I could understand the thinking, but never Harry. Harry could not do this, Damn them for putting this into people’s minds as if things weren’t bad enough this was bound to make things even worse. Charlie wrapped his arms around me as Harry’s face mocked me from across the room. I pulled myself out of his arms and grabbed the paper ready to read what other lies they had printed.

’Muggle born Register,” I read aloud to a very attentive Charlie, “’ the Ministry off magic is undertaking a survey of so-called “Muggle Borns” the better to understand  how they came to posses magical secrets.
            “’Recent research  undertaken by the Department of Mysteries reveals that magic can only be passed from person to person when Wizards reproduce. Where no proven Wizardry ancestry exists, therefore, the so-called Muggle-born is likely to have obtained magical powers by thief or force.’” I stopped briefly for a moment anger just filling my soul. “This is bull crap no one can actually believe this.”
            “Just keep reading Ginny,” he whispered feeling just as bad as I was. I kept reading because it meant not thinking about Hermione and Dean.
            “’ The Ministry is determined to root out such usurpers of magical powers, and to this end has issued an invitation to every so-called Muggle-born to present themselves for interview by the newly appointed Muggle-born Registration Commission’” We sat quietly in the kitchen as we worried about all of our friends. This was Bullocks but yet no one would defy them, everything was unsettled. Charlie held my hand as we sat in silence. I couldn’t think of a thing to say. I knew soon he would have t leave. He had a job and a life of his own. Our life was being turned upside down. Mum wouldn’t leave her room and I was left alone her while dad worked.
            Dad appereated in at the right moment, a few seconds before Charlie had left for his life at Gringots. Never had I felt so alone. I stood in front of ron’s door looming at the ghoul that was supposedly him.
            “Ginny is everything ok?” He asked seeing my glum face. I think the silence of the house had finally gotten to me. Nothing was o.k. and I didn’t know when it would be again.
            “Yeah dad everything is fine. You just missed Charlie.” I said getting everything ready for dinner. We had to eat sometime. He looked shocked, like he had some news for me that he didn’t really want to say. Whatever it was I knew if could be worse.
            “Ginny, if you ever had plans on skipping school this year, you can’t. they are making it mandatory.” His words were heavey on his heart I knew it, just as he knew me. I didn’t plan on going back to school not when mum was comatose as she was. Obviously they knew, they knew how many people would skip out on Hogwarts now that Dumbledore was dead. I really couldn’t believe they were making us do that. “They are going to do a blood status before you can go. Yours will be tomorrow.” He sighed and walked up the stairs I knew that tonight I would be eating by myself.

            “Step in and flush,” he said pointing my in the direction of the womens loo. It was all dizzying I didn’t know what had happened. Before there was a phonebooth and now everyone had to come in this way? “I’ll meet you there.”
            I stepped into the water bowl feeling foolish but knowing instantly that I had done the right thing. Though my feet were emerged in water they remained dry. I looked around and saw the gold chain without a second to think I pulled it. I spun for a second before appearing in a fire inside the ministry. Being learned in ,agic all my life this was nothing startling about this. I walked confidently out of the pit.
            “what are you doing here Weasley?” I recognized the voice right away, it was a voice I did not want to hear at the moment. I did not want to deal with him at the moment and when I felt a hand at my shoulder I turned wand in hand. Ready to duel if the opertunity arose.
            “I think the better question is what are you doing here. Aren’t they certain of your blood status or has someone finnaly looked into the rumor about your house elf being your dad?” she said watching his face twitch, it gave her pleasure thinking she could ruin his day with just a few well placed words.
            “everyone needs to be tested” he responded walking away I silently cheered feeling another hand at my neck.
            “Do not engage with him Ginny, he could have you killed.” Dad said directing me towards the fountine. It disturbed me. Thrones ontop of bones, it was wrong. We did not rule over anyone, that was not the way it was ment to be.
            “He’d rather kill me himself dad” I told him more then likely not settling his mind much. I knew this but at least I settled my own. He silently just pulled me along.
            The spoke to me with such arrogance in their voices, like I was beneath them, dirt and while most thought  our family as blood traitors I never really felt it before this. Luckily though te meeting lasted all of minuet, we might be blood traitors but we were pure blood. Dad didn’t let me stand around a moment more then I needed to he pushed me out of the ministry and apperated me to Fred and George’s. they smiled at me carefully taking me off of his hands.
            “what classes are you taking this year?” Fred asked getting me a butterbeer out of their mini-bar in the back of the store. She sighed they were great at changing the subject off of tense things.
            “Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, transfiguration, and Herbology.” I responded it was funny. I felt like Fred and George lived so much life and yet I was going further with my school life then they have.
            “Ginny you are so much smarter then the rest of us.” George whispered as lee came into the room, he blushed and quickly left the room again.
            “Speaking of my brains, I had an idea…” I then put down my butterbeer and began to explain the idea that had been rolling around in my head. Potterwatch, as I explained it the first time they stopped me and called Lee into the room so he could hear it too. They all seemed to love my idea, having a news station that actually reports real news so that if Harry ever catches it he’ll know that we are here fighting with him.
            “It’s positively brilliant Ginny!” Lee said for the first time feeling comfortable enough to talk around me.
            “Let the first broadcast of Potterwatch be on September 1st so that Ginny can spread it orally in the Hogwarts express. That way no death eaters can shut us down.” Fred said and George expanded off of it.
            “Password Potter Lives. Remember that Ginny” he said and I zoned out as they made plans for potter watch, another one of my brilliant ideas formed, not one that I really wanted to think about yet, not until I could talk to Luna.

            September 1st came sooner then I wanted, it felt so weird not having Hermione, Ron, and Harry there with me. School was just going to be difficult, espeacilly with the death eaters taking over.  Headmaster Snape, and the Professors Carrows. It was indeed going to be a difficult year. I found Luna and Neville sitting in a abin by thierselves and I joined them eager to see my friends again. Luna and Neville stood up quickly emerging me in a group hug if I wanted it or not.
            “after your brothers wedding I didn’t know what to think. I should have written you but Father was very busy with the quibbler and im not allowed to venture far without him for fear the Bliterz will infest my mind. They are quiet some odd creatures.” Luna said Neville looking at her adoration in his eyes. He had bags it was certain he was taking this just as well as we were. He put his hand on my arm taking a deep breath before speaking to me.
            “how are you doing?” he asked me, it was obviously hard for him to talk this whole subject was difficult. It was time to switch the subject.
            “My brothers and Lee have started something Called Potterwatch, it’s a news show about real news, to let potter know if he’s out there listening that despite everything that is happening we stand beside him. We are still Dumbledore’s Army.” Luna’s face lit up, I knew that she always thought of us in D.A as her friends and family I knew she would be happy to start it up again.
            “do we really want to do that Ginny, things are hard enough.” Neville said always being the voive of reason.
            “What better way to show He-who-must-not-be-named that as long as we are here we will resist. We cant sit back and let him show his new teachers and new rules down our throat without resisting.” I let all my thoughts out my ideas flowing from my head. Luna nodded along with me.
            “Don’t you see Neville, we need to stand up against them let them know that we wont let the Nargles bother us they like have them. It’s our duty.” Neville signed again nodding hopefully he was on our team.
            “Alright what are we doing?” he asked giving in. I did a silent scream excited that they both understood and agreed.
            “spread the word to everyone in the D.A. tonight at midnight Password Potter Lives!” I smiled broadly as the left the cabin going in different directions. A freakily 2nd year come in looking flustered and dizzy in their wake.
            “are you Ginny Weasley?” she asked quietly hand griping a piece of paper, I knew what it was and was dreading it.
            “Yes I’ll take that.” I said grabbing the paper and ripping it open. The 2nd year rushed out of my presence and I made my way towards Slughorn cabin.

            The toad looking fellow was surrounded by extrodanry people whom this year seemed to include Draco. I recognized the similar people, Blaise and Melinda were there last year and I had gotten to know them quiet well. I felt surrounded by people who hated me but I stayed thinking this would be my year so why not get used to it.
            “Ms. Weasley, how nice of you to join us.” Slughorn said all eyes fell on me, I took a spot next to Melinda and Draco feeling the love between them. In reality she could feel the hatred emulating off of Draco towards her. It burned a bit but she was use to it.  “Learn any new hexs Ginevra” he asked using the one name she wished she could erase from history. She laughed it off.
            “quiet a few Proffessor,” Draco laughed next to me, I turned and said into his face. “Maybe I’ll try them on you Malfoy,” the whole cabin laughed at my banter, he just smiled.
            “I have some things I’d like to try on you,” his voice husky in my ear, I looked around the cabin and no one else seemed to hear what he had just muttered. I wouldn’t let him see how much it bothered me, instead I just turned and pretended to pay attention. I looked outside and realized how dark it had gotten and I stood up to leave, we needed to get dressed before we arrived. Draco followed suit as the others let Slughorn faun over them. I turned towards the gyrffindor cabins the train seemed to suddenly lurch to a stop. I braced myself again the walls with one hand, the windows in front of me imploded and suddenly I felt myself being pulled backwards out of the way of the glass. I looked up and into the persons eyes to find the blue eyes of a shattered soul looking back at me. Somehow I had ended up surrounded in Draco’s arms. I pulled away and ran in the opposite direction, not before I heard him talking to Blaise. “Filthy blood traitor, now I’ve got to burn my clothes.”
            “He’s not here!” Neville yelled at the death eater, I pushed past him to stand beside my friends the touch of his skin on my arm sent shivers down my spine, a completely different feeling then when Draco had just touched me. “Search the train, but…” I cut Neville,  his lip began to quiver, this was Bellatrix’s husband the man who had tortured his parents to insanity.
            “You won’t find him,” I moved beside Neville and Luna grabbing both of their hands. They held on tight to me as I hoped they would Seamus join us as did Michael Corner. We stood United against him. Every one stared, it was becoming an occurrence for us to be stared at.
            “I guess he is not here,” the man said leaving the cabins and suddenly the train lurched forward again.

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I just received the worst news I could get right now. Why now? Why not a week ago, don't get me wrong I wish it hadn't happened but here it is growing in my stomach. I have no idea what to do or who to tell if I should tell anyone at this moment. I feel suffocated, like the walls are pushing down on me. I don't dare tell Ryan yet for fear he'll tell me I'm lying as so many others have when I've given them bad news. I couldn't handle that rejection plus he needs not know till I'm certain my body can handle it. I'm drowning and I don't know how to save myself but I need to for my baby
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ryan s

This song normally made me cry and now its ten times over. Just thinking about how true this is haha plus her song haunted maybe put up a link later. Tomorrow is our year anniversary don't know what ill do... haha thought about sending him a text saying happy anniversary as a joke but that hurts too much.
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I just don't know what to do with myself, I changed my entire life plan for him. We planned our life together a nice wedding moving to Texas and our 2 children Tyler Duane and Kelsey Ann. He told me he wanted to marry me here and now. I think all he wanted was sex until it got to hard and I wasn't putting out anymore. The one time were I can't because I'm having pains and a few days later he tells me he's not ready for a girlfriend. October 23rd would ha e been our one year. He wasn't just my boyfriend he was my best friend. The one who got me kicked out of my parents house and now I just want the year of my life back, I kind of wished I had cheated on him when I had the chance but then again that's not me. I just hurt and wish it would stop... I wish I would stop breathing
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Chapter One: What Your Future Holds…

Papers were scattered all around the room, the occupant asleep at her computer her alarm clock flashing 12:00. Her nose flared every time she breathed, tiny little snores escaping her. The view outside her window was light and cheery like the beginning of a sappy romance movie. The sun had come up just hours after she had passed out writing her speech, everyone in her neighborhood was up and functioning.

She turned in the chair; the chair was unstable and broke under pressure. She was in such a deep sleep that they fall did not wake her right away. When the sun peaked out from behind a cloud and shone in through her dorms dirty windows. She woke up dazed and confused, she didn't really know where she was. The night before had been an extremely late night even though school was over she was up working into the night making everything perfect.

    Her phone buzzed shaking her out of her daze. She grabbed her phone as she rushed around the room gathering all the things she needed to graduation. She looked at her alarm clock flashing and cursed under her breath. Power had to go out the day before graduation!

    "Aimee Louise Cadwell! Where the hell are you?" her mother screeched, her voice scratchy from years of smoking and drinking.

    "I over slept." She defended herself from anymore of her mother's cruel words as she jumped into her dress and slid on her red robe. This was her day, she wouldn't let her mother's bad mood ruin in.

    "Hurry up and get your ass down here!"

    It was the perfect day for an outdoor ceremony; the flowers were at full bloom. The day before had stormed but today the clouds had disappeared, everybody seemed super excited, more excited then Aimee had seen any of them in a long time.

    She had gotten to the ceremony site just moment before she had to go on stage and give her speech. She walked on stage flutter and rosy cheeked trying to get to the podium in a hurry. She tripped half way there on her heels that her mother had talked her into wearing. She pulled herself up from the floor as her classmates tried to stifle their laughter.

    "Sorry, Heels are a bitch," she started fixing her cap onto of her luscious black curls. A large portion of the audience giggled but a portion of them glowered at her use of profanity in such an important speech. Many of these parent expected their valedictorian to be stuff just like them, no one expected it to be Aimee. The poor party girl.

"Good evening graduates, parents, and honored guests. My biggest influence throughout my schooling was my dad. In early years he pushed my to be the best I could be but these last four years of my education, he never pushed me to study any specific subject or pressured me to take extracurricular courses. I was encouraged to simply "do well in school because good things will come of that." In fact, these "good things" did not only come in education, but with the relationships I have made with my peers and teachers.

"Let me first thank my teachers for entertaining my endless inquiries and dealing with my stubbornness at times, but—more importantly—for sharing a part of their knowledge and experiences. From long lectures, to heated discussions, or a simple debate on politics, I thank you all.

Now it is with great honor that I thank the graduating class of Pewter—the class of 2010. I am proud to be among some of the finest students Grandville has to offer. They have helped me grow scholastically, as well as socially these past years. We should also be grateful that we have had such an excellent number of student-leaders. All of whom have selflessly dedicated their free time in organizing many of our activities and school events.

"For the past four years, no one in this graduating class could have predicted that the years would have come and gone so quickly. Tonight, as this chapter of our lives concludes, another one begins. This next phase of our lives comes with an immense amount of freedom. I'm not talking about the same freedom we experienced when we first walked through the doors of Emerson, but the freedom to decide what to do with our own lives. Whether we enter the workforce or enroll in college, we must all take charge of our own lives.

"This upcoming chapter also requires us to be prudent and responsible. As John Dewey, an educational philosopher once said: "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." If education is life, then we must grasp every moment of our lives as a learning experience. College will definitely be a new experience for many of us. We will meet a diverse group of people that come from all around the world; who will introduce us to different points of view and allow us to gain a better perspective of their cultures.

"I recognize that for many of us it has been difficult to keep up with our studies, but our perseverance has enabled us to overcome many obstacles that led to this day AND it will be our resilience that will keep us from ever failing in our future. Believe me, never, let anyone or anything stop you from accomplishing your goals. Not a college rejection, poor test grade, or any of life's tribulations. If you should ever find yourself in these situations, don't ever give up and remain hopeful. Don't lead yourself to believe that you are at the end of the road when things get tough. Stay confident and remember, there will always be an opportunity if you seek it.

"On the behalf of Pewter's Class of 2010, I congratulate you all on your accomplishments and I hope you have the best of luck with your future endeavors—may it be right after graduation or in another four short years. And in time….We WILL BE…the economists that make sure we never go through a recession..The scientist that will find alternative energy sources and…the educators that will train the next group of leaders. Whichever path we choose, WE WILL forever share a common bond! We are the Graduation Class of 2010! WE did it!" Aimee looked out at the crowd. She had spoken her last words to these people, after today she would never see these people again. Kaisha Mohr, the salutatorian had tears rolling down her eyes, she looked over at her father and saw him smiling proudly. She was her father's daughter; this was everything they had hoped it would be.

"We are so proud of you hunny," her mother said pulling her into a great big hug. Aimee smiled this was the first time she had seen her parents looking this happy. Her father patted her on the back and took her mother's hand and he began pulling her mother away. "When you get home we have big news for you," her mother said as she was being dragged to the car.


She sat in her living room quietly; her parents had decided to finish up their conversation in the kitchen. When she first sat down with them they kept giving each other awkward stares until her mother dragged her father into the kitchen for a heated argument. They had huge news.

She didn't see the later at first it sat discreetly on the end table hidden by shadows and opther pieces of mail. Normally she wouldn't have touched it, this was her parents house she had no rights to look at anything, but it had her name on it and her curiosity got the best of her.

Aimee Cadwell

104 Kellogg street Grand Rapids, Michigan

She opened the letter quickly trying to remember if she had even heard of Ketters University yet alone applied to it when insided the letter a sparkly dust popped out at her like a glitter bomb blurring her vision and tickling her nose. Her body felt odd, it tingled in a way she didn't know how to describe, soon though her body calmed down and her vision cleared allowing her to read the rest of the letter.

Dear Ms. Aimee Louise Cadwell,

    We are glad to inform you that you have been accepted into Ketters University for Wizards. Enclosed is your class schedule and required book list. Term starts September 5th, we can't wait to see you again.


    Paisley Incarsus

Paisley Incarsus

Her mother who had appeared from the kitchen snatched the letter from her hands. Aimee just smiled at the joke. She just wondered which one of her friends had played something this ridiculous. Wizards of all things, it was very laughable.

"You didn't read that did you?" her mother asked panic written in among all of her frown lines, Aimee couldn't help but laugh at loud at this. Obviously her friend had gotten her mother involved in this. No practical person would fall for this and everyone knew Aimee was nothing if not practical. "I'm serious Aimee Louise!" she raised her voice sternfully confusing Aimee who stole a look at her father. He had nothing but a look of defeat on his face, obviously her mother had handing him his ass in the kitchen. She was alone to deal with her mother's crazy antics.

"Yes mother I read it."She responded but her mother ignored her knowing what she was going to say before she said it. Instead she took her anger out on her suspecting husband. She picked up the nearest object and hurled it at a wall in his general direction. He stood still his face expressionless.

"George, you should have stopped this!" She yelled looking for something else to throw. Aimee moved all throwable objects out of her reach.

"How could I have Ellen, this is part of who she is." He screamed back at her for the first time Aimee had ever seen, the whole argument was confusing her. This letter was a Farce what the hell could they be arguing about? Her mother who was not used to being screamed grabbed a law book from nearby, and out of misguided anger hurled it at her husband.

"Resilio!"Her father yelled twirling his fingers around and into a fist. Instantly the book spun and ripped itself into pieces collecting at his feet. All three of them stood stunned at what he had just done. Aimee wanted to run and hid, none of this could be good. Her mother sat down on the couch next to her too stunned to speak. Her father sat next to her wrapping his arms around his petrified wife.

"You're right George, she should know the truth." Her mother said her voice shaky and raspier than normal. Aimee stood up freaking out; her mother was giving up for the first time that Aimee could ever remember. She didn't want to be her when her mother decided to do something else crazy. Her dad grabbed her arm and sat her back down.

"This is going to sound crazy, you being who you are, the practical one in our crazy family." Her father started a smile breaking out across his face. She didn't understand and looked back and forth between her mother and her father. Their looks were complete opposites. "Aimee sweetie, you're a wizard." She laughed, was everyone in on this farce. It was so completely improbably it was funny. Her father's complete look of seriousness though cut her laughter short.

"You can't be serious." She said fighting against his grip. She was certain they had both lost what mind they had left. Her mother looked at her with her teary doe eyes and she began to really listen to what her father was saying.

"Ketters is a school for Wizards of all ages. Your mother and I argued for many years about whether or not you should go. When you were nine you turned your kitten into a lion and your mother said it was time. You were so cute back then so innocent as you set a lion loose on the neighborhood, like you didn't know what you were doing. However when you returned the summer you turn ten. You were different, your beautiful black hair was cut off just below your ears, and your whole demeanor had just changed. Your mother was scared off who you had become but we both knew we couldn't keep you from furthering your education as a wizard." Her father's explanation wasn't working for her. She didn't understand why she was just learning of this.

"You're pulling my leg, I would remember if this actually happened" she said interrupting her father in the middle of a statement. He sat there annoyed looking waiting for her to finish speaking.

"A couple months after you went back to school for the year something happened. No one is really certain how the events transpired but there was a huge explosion as the nonmagical people will see it and you were right in the middle of it. There was a huge investigation because of the many deaths, many probers went inside your mind to see if they could uncover what had happened but the memory wasn't there, and you were their only link to the mystery. Your mother and I took you out of Ketters and binded your powers. You didn't remember a thing since before you started Ketters and we thought this would be better for you in the long run." Her father stopped speaking letting all the information sink in. Aimee was dazed and confused, why didn't she remember. Was she a murderer? Did she really believe this? Seeing what her father had done she was having a hard time not believing it. Could she really be the person responsible for someone's untimely demise?

"The Letters will not stop coming until you are there. You are untrained and our world can not have a rogue untrained wizard, you are a danger to everyone now that your powers are back." He finished allowing Aimee's thoughts to wonder and come together. She still had no idea what to think or what to do. How was this information supposed to make her feel, guilty? She certainly felt that.

"When do I leave?" she asked her throat closing up.

"As soon as possible," her mother speaking up finally, "You have so much to catch up on."


She sat quietly on her bed, three days had passed since her parents had dropped the bombshell, she was a wizard. It was hard to process but a little bit easier now that she had seen it. Her father walked into the room walking around the suitcases, holding an odd shaped box. He took a corner of the bed that wasn't covered in clothes and made himself comfortable.

"I know its a lot to absurb," he said patting her knee knocking her out of her trance. " I wish I cold explain it better but I don't know how. You need to get going," he said opening the box quickly and pulling out a metal stick. "This is your wand needed for most spells. It is made of jasmine, sage and dragon heartstring, we've kept it in our vault till you would need it again." He handed the purple and silver wand out to her. She stuffed it down her boot, not having any room for it in her already packed suitcases.

She strolled throught the airport dazed. She had no idea where she was going. She sat down on the seating area and closed her eyes. She did not see the man until he was sitting next to her. Though he was very easy to miss, he stood at, his tallest, 3 feet. Aimee almost did miss him.

"Ms. Cadwell are you ready?" the creature asked her scaring her so badly her heart skipped a beat. The creature eyed Aimee with scrutiny but she expected that. If she really was a murderer people would have every right to be weary of her. "I am Gilroy Fizpatrick the herder of lost students." He said.

"I am ready." She responded grabbing her stuff and following the little man.

She felt like the plane ride took forever. I guess when your waiting for the rest of your life to start forever cant come quick enough. She followed the creature blindly up the mountain. Her body kept getting colder and colder until her body began to shake. She felt annoyed that no one had told her about the climate of the school, she would have brought a jacket if they had. Why the hell was the school on top of a mountain anyway?

"Don't worry we'll be on campus soon enough." He said as she shivered, she could see the school in the distance, she refused to complain. She was already a torn in everyones side. She had to come in a month early to catch up. Which means that she needed a teacher to come in too.

Suddenly she wasn't cold anymore; the snow had melted around them. The school stood only 100 feet away from where they stood but Aimee was skeptical when the school remained looking like a tiny A-Frame cabin. As soon as she stepped in the door she was amazed. Magic was a wonderful thing, if only it could do this all the time. She stood in the middle of a double staircase. Floating candles lighted the hall with all sorts of colors. This school was bigger then her high school, she looked to the right down the wing with the sparkly red lights and saw at least 20 classrooms.

"leave your stuff here and head into the hall, Headmistress will decide later where it is to go. You have your wand right?" he asked grudgingly. She pulled her wand out of her boot and he rolled his big eyes. "Just get in there before you blow a foot off." He yelled pushing her towards the French doors. She felt violated a moment later realizing just where his hands had been on her.

She walked into the huge room just amazed. The walls were mirrors of different situations. What you dreamed, how others saw you, and how you saw yourself. Every mirror showed you but in a different light. Aimee stopped half way in the room distracted by a cruel looking women with crazy hair and eyes. She knew that must be how others saw her, or maybe it was how she saw herself after hearing what her dad had to say. She couldn't peel her eyes off the crazy eyed women she didn't see the blond hair boy standing at the front of the room.

"Aimee I presume?" he said tossing a book at her. She caught it in her hands but dropped her wand in the process. That was good for her considering she had absolutely no hand eye coordination. "first lesson failed," the cranky man yipped bending over to retrieve her wand. In an agitated manner he tossed it back at her. "Never lose your wand. Sit down and read some spells." She did as she was told, all of this just made her feel stupid and now there was this man already angry with her stupidity. How in the world was she going to do this?

"I'm done," she said standing up after ready book of spells years 1-2. Her legs began to cramp up. She needed a break, not that the man would ever give her one.

"Let's move on then." He turned towards the white wall and pulled out his wand. "Anyone can be a master at potion making if you understand the concept. Equal part good equal part bad." He began his voice already lulling her to sleep.




Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blake and Aimee

She ran down the hallway sensing he was coming after her. Professor Pimpare had just berated her in front of the entire class, she didn't want to deal with this. Not when she had yet to make up her mind about her friendship with him. She was confused and he was bound to make her even more confused.
"Aimee!" He yelled pushing his way through the crowded hallway,she didn't want to stop but there was no way to ignore him now. She turned to face him a million thoughts going through her head. "I feel like I haven't seen you in ages." he said smiling wide,his pearly white teeth shinning through the dank hallway.
"Well we have both been pretty busy." she said leading him along hoping he wouldn't lie to her. It would just break her heart if he did.
"I've just been doing school stuff,you know me." the crowds of people kept moving along as Aimee's tempure got the best of her. She stomped at him not really knowing what else to do to express her anger. she started on her way to her next class not needing a tardy on her already bad day, at the last second she turned back. words she shouldn't say on the tip of her tongue.
"I know what you do when i'm not looking. Do you really want to be part of that Group? The Protectors of the Elite, like the rest of us are worthless.You have to understand that Evelyn thinks that way. I'm a Half Breed Cholas, am I scum?"
"You know I'm not like that." he said defensively.
"I don't know anything anymore." She yelled quietly in the crowded hallway. Once upon a time she could tell Cholas everything. Now she didn't dare tell him anything for fear it will get back to Evelyn who will use it against her.
He retched out in the crowded hallway with hundreds of eyes on them both, and grabbed her hand. for the briefest moment her hand tingled but instinctively she pulled it back. things were getting pretty intimate. sex was nothing to Blake but this, grabbing her hand in front of lots of people was something he didn't do. Her pulling back though did not deter him.
"Aims, You've got to understand I've got to follow my destiny."
"Your destiny," Her voice trembled in anger, all these months of frustrations coming out in her voice "your destiny is what you make it out to be." she took a step back as he fled, pushing his way through the crowd of on lookers. She stood there knowing what side he took and Accepting it. This was a battle, everyone had to choose a side.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I'm a weak, breakable person. i used to joke to friends that i can handle anything that im not "breakable" but i am. I brake so easy it's not funny. sometimes i wonder if i should write a book about my life. plenty of screwed up shit in it i'm sure it'd sell. i just dont know what to do about all this shit in my life right now. maybe i'll just be done with guys, maybe its time to move on to a girl for awhile. i'm tired of guys screwing me over. i,m not sure what im going to do now. im just so sad from the things that have happened that last few weeks. i kind of wish Ryan could just grow up, get a job and learn to talk to me so i could take him back. i want him back i just wont be that weak. i wont take him back until things change. im sick of demanding change but taking him back hoping he will change. things dont work like that for me. I love Ryan so much but im just ready to move on. im ready for the next person to get my mind off of things